Starvation & Disease

On December 5, 2022,

The South Jersey Holocaust Coalition was pleased to present 

an in-person and virtual event on one man's experience as a medic during

the liberation of Buchenwald death camp.

Andrew "Tim" Kiniry, now 101 years old, gave a compelling description of the conditions he encountered when assigned with 40 others to enter and serve the surviving prisoners of Buchenwald. 

The second presenter was Dr. Don Marsh of Delaware, an expert in pharmacology and well-known speaker on related topics. He presented what is known as the "refeeding syndrome" experienced by those who have been starved by circumstances such as in the concentration camps.

The presentations were very well-received and the coalition is planning a second event on this topic. 

We thank both gentlemen for volunteering their time, knowledge, and experiences with this topic.


DR. Don Marsh

Dr. Don Marsh

Presenting will be Mr. Andrew "Tim" Kiniry, a medic with the 45th Evacuation Hospital attached to General George S. Patton's Third Army during WWII.  Interviews have been captured by C-Span and presented to University and other young audiences.

Dr. Don Marsh, Pharm D.,  holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the Medical College of Virginia.  He was a graduate of Vineland High School in Vineland, NJ. Dr. Marsh served in the Navy in Vietnam and later as an officer in the U.S. Navy Medical Service Corps Reserve.  He has been a clinical professor of pharmacy at both the University of North Carolina and its School of Medicine.

His presentation will focus on the "refeeding syndrome," a condition of rapid feeding after a period of starvation, and its effects on the body.

Andrew "Tim" Kiniry,     Medic at Buchenwald

Mr. Andrew
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