Survivor, Elizabeth Ehrlich Roth

Her Story of Auschwitz and Survival

Pictured here are Mrs. Roth and the actress, Natalie Mullanaphy who portrayed her story.

Mrs. Roth lives in South Jersey, the home of many survivors. In 2016, Mrs. Roth spoke for the very first time about her experiences, at Saint Augustine Prep High School, to explain what life was like in the camps during the Shoah.

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Natalie Mullanaphy is a theater major from Virginia and a recent graduate of Rowan University in New Jersey. 

After her performance, she accepted many questions from the students on the sensitive approach to portraying Mrs. Roth and the honor and uplifting experience that it has been.

The Vineland N.J. Public Schools and the South Jersey Holocaust Coalition

sponsored this event.

Pictured are Harry Furman, Co-Director of SJHC, Mrs. Roth, Natalie Mullanaphy, Lois Genovese, Co-Director of SJHC, and Vineland Public Schools Supervisor Ross Stanger who organized this event.


Please see the slides below of the students in attendance from Mrs. Victoria Solomon's Conscience of Man classes, and members of the Vineland High School theater classes. Also present were history class students.

We Thank student Zyeera for helping with the photos!

and to Vineland High School North for their help, support, and gracious welcome!

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