"A World Erased - A Grandson's Search for His Family's Holocaust Secrets."

On Tuesday, May 2nd the Coalition hosted its first author presentation with Noah Lederman of New York.

We welcomed a great turnout of survivors from each generation. Questions and comments were thoughtful, inspiring and informative. Noah brings his grandparents to life with moving stories of their trials as young adults just beginning the prime of their lives -  moving from the Warsaw Ghetto and the uprising to various camps until the liberation. This writer feels as though I know them and can understand their years of silence -  until they opened their hearts and their memories to their grandson, Noah.  

Hadasa and Leo Lederman, also known as Grandma and Poppy, are unforgetable and their stories are those of courage, fortutude and persistance in the face of death.

A must read!  To anyone interested in commenting on this book, please forward your thoughts to HolocaustCoalition@gmail.com and we will post. To include your name, if you so desire, please state that in your email.