Workshop: "Please Ring the Bell for Us: American Immigration Policy in the Shadow of the Holocaust

On January 25, 2018, the January seminar was facilitated by SJHC Chairman, Harry Furman, Esq. at Cumberland County College.

The history of American immigration policy was explored dating back to the 19th century with  European and Chinese refugees seeking a home in the United States. Their reasons were many.  In desperation, fleeing from bloodthirsty regimes, civil violence and famine -  or with a desire to fulfill the dream of a better life - immigrants in crisis settled in America, grew their families and strove for a productive life.

During the second World War, the U.S. rejected Jews fleeing from persecution and death, even 20,000 children.

We've been there before. The modern refugee policy is a response to the failures of the Holocaust era.

created 1.27.2018