The National Holocaust Memorial Museum. Washington, D.C.

Fifty teachers, students and general public traveled to Washington, D.C. to tour the Holocaust Museum on February 23, 2017.

The weather was beautiful, new friends were made and inspiration was abundant as we toured the permanent exhibits and experienced the new setup for communicating, in real time, with refugees from Iraq, Syria and other locations.

It was a day worth doing, time well spent, lessons learned. Teachers are now ready to bring what they saw, felt and now understand to their students to discuss and realize.

SJHC thanks all the participants for another successful event.

A "review": from Cumberland Regional High School

Thank you again for setting up yesterday to enjoy an incredible day of learning for us as a group.  We were able to go through the exhibits that we missed last year such as Daniel’s story, the neighbors exhibit, the other genocides from history, the top two floors of the main exhibit (we saw it last year but had time so we went through it again) and the most meaningful for us was that we were able to interview three Iraqi refugees via skype that fled Mosul with their family and video the whole thing where we asked them in upwards of 10 meaningful questions to three men who were under the age of 20. 

We got some great answers that I (along with my other colleagues I would assume) shared with our kids today about how they see things over there, educational opportunities here vs. there, ideas about the UN Forces/Peshmerga (spelling may be off) fighting on their behalf and where they want to go if given the opportunity of another country to live in. 

It was an awesome day and one we will not forget.  Again thank you so much for the opportunity to come with your group.  On a side note when we were interviewing the refugees, there were two older women in the room as well and we found out at the end that they were both Holocaust Survivors!  Wow! 

Please continue to keep us in the loop of other trips that you may be taking (NYC maybe) that may be interesting to us during the school year or in the summer.  It is a great deal at $30.  Thanks again and Best Wishes to the organization!

Rich Husted, Da’Shauna Melton, Eugene Thomas, David Bostwick

Social Studies Teachers

Cumberland Regional High School

Survivors speak: