Impact of Starvation

On Monday, December 5, 2022

The South Jersey Holocaust Coalition will present an interactive presentation on:

You Couldn't Grasp It All!'  - The Impact of Starvation and Disease at Buchenwald Before and After Liberation


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A third generation survivor presents...

...from yellow stars to silver spoons.

By the Grace of the Game, Dan Grunfeld

Author, Dan Grunfeld, an accomplished basketball player, is the son of NBA legend and Gold Medalist, Ernie Grunfeld. In this multi-generational family epic, Dan tells his family’s remarkable story of how his grandparents survived The Holocaust and created a new life in America. Dan tells how his father discovered the game of basketball in NY, which he shared with Dan. They are the only professional athletes in the United States to have parents and grandparents who survived the Holocaust.  The Game of Basketball had a deep and profound impact on the entire family bringing healing and hope.


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God and Faith in the Shadow of the Holocaust

NEW DATE:  Thursday, October 20, 2022

4:30  to  7:00

at St. Augustine Preparatory School

The Scarpa Building

611 Cedar Avenue, Richland NJ


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Engineering Evil

June 7, 2022

for our return workshop on

Engineering Evil

with facilitator, author, and Holocaust scholar

Robert Holden


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The Life of a Local Survivor

 The South Jersey Holocaust Coalition


The Vineland NJ Public Schools

will present

Elizabeth Ehrlich Roth's Story of Survival

0n May 12, 2022

at Vineland High School North

Mrs. Roth is a local resident and a much-honored and loved participant in Holocaust education.

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SJHC Member, Robert Holden has published his most recent book ~

 Visas to Shanghai

The Chinese Diplomat in Vienna Who Saved Thousands of Jews During the Holocaust


This book is geared toward middle and high school students.






The South Jersey Holocaust Coalition

is pleased and honored to host

Michael Berenbaum

Internationally Esteemed Scholar, Professor, Author, and Film Maker


The Challenges of Dealing with Anti-Semitism Today

                                        Tuesday, November 2, 2021

                                          12:30  to  1:30

                                            via Zoom.



Please Note:   All teachers who are interested, no matter their grade or subject area, may register with their district supervisor for this event. Professional Development will be granted by The Vineland Public School District for all teachers throughout South Jersey on this professional calendar day.

Teachers throughout the country are also very welcome to register for this live event.





The Science of Bystander Behavior

Lauren Bairnsfather, Executive Director of the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh

We offer appreciation and many thank yous for an exceptional and informative presentation by 

Lauren Bairnsfather


June 1, 2021

As the Executive Director of The Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh, Lauren

presented "the science of bystander behavior" based on the research, and writings of

Ervin Staub




When and How to Intervene - The Science of

               Bystander Behavior

Details Here



A series of comic books on the true stories of

Holocaust Heroes ~

Created and published by the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh.

Thank You Lauren Bairnsfather!







Third Generation of Survivors Speak

Dana Arschin, reporter for Fox 5 New York

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

8:00 to 9:15

via Zoom

THANK YOU, Dana for an outstanding presentation!

About Dana Arschin

~We are honored to present~

Dana Arschin, a Fox 5 News NY reporter, will present.

In 2018, Dana traveled to Europe to discover the stories and experiences of those who were lost during the Holocaust.

She produced three films on that journey, one of which won a New York Emmy for the short film, 


The Forgotten Camps

[link here]

by Dana Arschin


"To stand in his footsteps where he survived and fought through..."

Andy Wizenberg, the grandson of four survivors


 "I was able to touch the documents and even smell the ink..."

Dana Arschin, In Pultusk, the hometown of her grandfather,

on finding family birth certificates.




The Case Against Japanese Internment

Thank you to our speakers,

Professor Lorraine Bannai and Attorney Hoyt Zia

for an outstanding presentation on March 25th!

KOREMATSU vs. The United States

The Lies of Executive Order 9066

For the Flyer and and details on the presenters, click here. 

What is race based imprisonment?

To learn more, click here.


 All registrants were provided with a link and password to view the award winning documentary, 


 by filmmaker,

Jon Osaki.

"We really need to change what it means to be an American."

Mika Osaki, from the documentary





No child should bear family separation.


This memorial to the 10,000 children separated from their families during the Holocaust stands outside a railway station in central London.

No child should have to be left behind ~





A Teleconference: Camus' The Plague

"And since a dead man has no substance unless one actually sees him dead, a hundred million corpses broadcast through history are no more than a puff of smoke in the imagination."


"This is the time when those who have nothing to do venture out on the boulevards. Most of them determined to counteract the plague by a lavish display of luxury."

Albert Camus, THE PLAGUE





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